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`If you climb a tree and holler your more apt to get the dollar...`

Could your business use a boost? Let's face it, what business couldn't?

If you're here because you need to advertise on SLY then we are already ahead of the game, if you think you may need to advertise on SLY then you're on the best track to get that boost you need.

One of the best ways to reserve your spots (commercials) on SLY1049 is to fill out the form below. I'll give you a quick call and we can talk about the best options for your business on SLY1049, from on the air to social media we can get your name and message where you need it to be. We make it easy and affordable.


Wayne Grant
WSLY Radio - SLY1049

Thank you for your interest in advertising on SLY1049!

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